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Looking to sell your Catalytic Converters? Look no further! We buy catalytic converters from all over Maine!
Catalytic Converter in the Hat

Hey There! I’m a catalytic converter and I’m used to help keep pollutants like  carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and nitrous oxides out of the air we breath. I contain precious PGM's that are valuable. I work by getting really hot and burning off excess fuel in the exhaust gases. I’m sort of like a extra lighter behind the engines derrière.

Catalytic converters contain precious PGM (Platinum Group Metals) that are highly sought after for recycling due to the expensive mining process required to source new materials. Daves Junkyard offers competitive pricing for all catalytic converters. You can bring them in during normal business hours to recycle them along with your other metals.


How much will I get for my catalytic converter?

Converters are priced according to PGM content.  Several different factors help grade a converter: size, material type, origin, & completeness. The price for a large foreign from a Toyota is going to be worth a bit more than a small domestic off from a ford escort.

Pile of Catalytic Converters at Daves Junkyard

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If you want to find out how much your Catalytic Converter is worth at Daves Junkyard, E-mail us a picture next to dollar bill for size comparison and the year make and model of the vehicle it was removed from. A Photo I.D. on file is required per state law to be paid for your converter.

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You can send your photo in the form of a text message from a cell phone or e-mail it to: Junk@DavesJunkyard.com

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