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Are you looking to turn your metals in cash? If you're in southern Maine stop by! Our full service scrap metal recycling facility is located right off route 1 in lovely Freeport, Maine. We buy scrap iron & steel, aluminum, copper, brass & more. For a complete list of what we buy check out our price sheet or reference below.
Cutting up #1 Scrap metal

How do I recycle metals for cash?

Its really simple actually, the hardest part is hauling them to us. After a few trips you'll find that its rather addicting and very rewarding. If you need help to identify & separate your metals just ask one of our staff. Of course you don't have to sort your metals if you don't to - we do offer mixed load pricing.

How much will I get paid for my metals?

You get paid by the pound for metals -  we go by the short ton (2000lbs) so depending the type of metal and how much weight you brought in, this  will determine your pay off. Our prices are set according to the current market value. Metals are commodities that are globally traded on the stock exchange and do fluctuate accordingly. Its always a good idea to sort your metals to get the most money for them - a little extra work really does add up!

Will you pickup metals?

We do pick up metals at residential or commercial locations that yield 10+ tons. Please talk to David for details. For auto shops and manufacturing plants we do not currently have scrap routes but can refer you to a local independent.


How do I sort my metals?

You want to keep items with other items of the same type. For instance you get paid almost twice as much for prepared number one (Maximum Dimensions 60" X 18" At-least 1/4" Thick) than say light iron. If you were to mix these you might get less depending on how much you brought in.  So if you were bringing an old plow and some metal drums, you would put these in your bed or trailer first & then pile the light iron (lawn mowers, water tanks, metal filing cabinet, washer & dryers) ontop of them. You would do two trips over the scale - first dropping the light metal items off & coming back to get re-weighed, then dropping off the heavy items & weighing out again. If you brought some non ferrous with you, these would get weighed last on the indoor scale located at the garage door. If you want help identifying and sorting metals just ask anyone manning the scales.


How do I get to Daves Junkyard & where do I go?

We're located at 13 Allen Range Rd. Freeport, ME. Once you arrive you should drive onto the scale which is located at the far end of the parking lot. Pull onto the scale stop and wait for someone to come out to greet you. If you have any questions on where to drop your metals please ask the scale attendant. If you have multiple metal types let them know which one you'll be dropping first. non-ferrous & precious metals should be scaled last inside.

What is the difference between #1 prepared and #1 unprepared?

Number 1 metal is at least 1/4" thick - the difference in prepared and unprepared is the dimension. #1 prepared (maximum dimensions 60" X 18" at-least 1/4" thick) anything larger is considered unprepared and yields less money per lb.


Whats the difference between bare bright, #1 & #2 copper?

Bare bright copper is shiny and new, with no corrosion. Stripped wire is considered bare bright.  #1 copper has no paint, or solder. #2 copper has paint and or solder such as piping with the elbows.


Do you take e-scrap at Daves Junkyard?

No. We are currently not buying e-scrap.


Will I receive cash during my visit?

No, per state law you are required to be paid by check. All payee's must have a photo I.D. on file, so don't forget to bring it or else you won't be able to get paid.


Do you recycle refrigerators and A/C Units?
Yes we do take refrigerators and A/C units so long as they have been drained & tagged by a licensed professional. Undrained units we charge $20.00 per unit fee.

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What type of metals does Daves Junkyard purchase?

We buy all ferrous & non ferrous metals, including old/unwanted heavy machinery, industrial metal byproducts, metal construction debris, bridge beams, culverts, wiring, lead weights, catalytic converters...

...Light iron (washer & dryers, metal cabinets, body panels)

#1 steel (drained engine blocks, rotors, i-beams etc.)

Bare bright copper - #1 copper (no paint / no solder) - #2 copper

Copper with brass fittings attached


Clean brassn - dirty brass (brass with any other metals attached)

Extrusion / 6061 (thick aluminum ex: window frames and door moldings)

Stainless steel - sinks / hub caps / pots & pans

Stainless steel - 304 & 18/8

Dirty stainless (magnetic)

Aluminum & cast aluminum & dirty aluminum

Aluminum copper radiators

Clean brass radiators & dirty brass radiators

Clean & dirty aluminum radiators (dirty = plastic end tanks still attached)

Lead batteries (cars, boats, lawn mower etc.)

Insulated copper, steel, & aluminum wire

Christmas lights


Eletric motors

Heater cores

Wheel weights

Aluminum rims

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Map of Yard including how to find the scale
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