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If it has finally come time for you to part ways with your old beloved automobile, we're here for you. Daves Junkyard has successfully recycled hundreds of thousands of vehicles since it first started operating in 1993.

Here are some common questions people must ask themselves when they are getting ready to junk a vehicle.


Do I have the Title for my vehicle, or do I need it?
All vehicles year 1999 & Prior DO NOT require a title to be recycled at a licensed facility. Vehicles Year 2000 & Newer Require a Title to be recycled. If you have lost your title you can file for a duplicate title through the
Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

How much money will I get for my vehicle?

The price you will receive for your vehicle is determined by several factors, mainly the weight of the vehicle, whether it is a complete vehicle, if you can drive it to us over the scale, or if we have to send out a tow truck to pick it up. We'll pay the most for a complete vehicle driven to our scale. We a set dollar amount per short ton (2000lbs) of weight. So if your vehicle weighs 3,300lbs - you will receive a check for 1.65 X current market price. Please view our current price sheet to see what are current payouts are. Or call the office 207-865-4702 for more information.

My vehicle can't be driven, will you come pick it up?
If you cannot get it to us, don't worry we'll still come pick it up. But we won't pay quite as much for it, usually a flat rate per vehicle. This is because it costs us money to run a tow truck out after your vehicle. Picture what it would cost you to have a tow company bring it from your yard to ours. Its not cheap, but we do our best to still give our customers the most for their junk car.

What towns do you offer junk towing/recovery?
We try and go as far as its feasibly possible, but the farther we go, the more it costs us and the less we'll pay you for your vehicle. We try and maintain a 50 mile radius of Freeport, Maine or 1 hour away.

How do I know if my vehicle is a complete vehicle?

A complete vehicle is a vehicle that has no missing parts, generally one that is still running and driving down the road. It must have 4 wheels, a battery, and a catalytic converter to get complete pricing. If it is missing wheels, a battery, or the converter it will get an incomplete vehicle price.


Have I removed everything I need from my vehicle?
Please remove any personal belongings you want to save from your vehicle. This includes the license plates if you wish to re-use them. Yes you are allowed to place unwanted scrap metal in your vehicle to add weight to it so long as it doesn't contain any refrigerants (Such as A/C units or refrigerators).


How will I get paid for my vehicle?

We'll issue you a business check. Please don't forget to bring the title if its a 2000 or newer and a valid photo I.D. If we are towing your vehicle we can mail you a check or send one out with the driver.


I plan on delivering my vehicle to you, where do I go and what do I do?

Great! If your vehicle is still on the road and able to make it to us come on down, the price is right! We're located at 13 Allen Range Rd. Freeport, Maine. We're located on the left side of the road you can't miss us! The entrance to scale is located just past the Main building on the right side of the parking lot. Go ahead and drive up to the stop sign, and if no one is on the scale proceed to the middle of the scale. Place the vehicle in park and step into the scale house with your information and the title. Someone will get a weight slip on the vehicle and prompt you on where to park your vehicle. Make sure you remove all your belongings before you bring it on to get weighed.

Below is a diagram on how to find the scale.

Map of the yard including where to bring your junk car

What will become of my vehicle once I've sold it for scrap?

Generally vehicles that come in for scrap are drained off all of their hazardous fluids. Once this has been finished it will sit in our parts yard until it is time to be recycled for metal content. Vehicles are then eventually processed further in preparation for the shredder.


Do you do Cash for Clunkers?
Cash for Clunkers generic term coined by the Car Allowance Rebate System. It was a government run program that officially started on July 1, 2009 and it ended November 1, 2009. It was a flop in retrospect, not really accomplishing anything and forcing tens of thousands of perfectly good vehicles to be destroyed. For more information on what was Cash For Clunkers you can visit the Wiki page. If you're asking if we purchase junk cars, yes we do! Hundreds a week, but the days of a government run rebate program with a $3,000 trade in credit are long gone.


Last time I junked a vehicle I got almost twice as much as what you're offering me now, how come?
Well, there are a lot of factors that could go into that - Mainly the fact that the price of scrap metal fluctuates with the global economy. The price of metals rose sharply in the late 2000's and has been on a steady decent since October of 2014. How long ago did you junk your vehicle? Did your old vehicle weigh the same as your current one? Was your last vehicle a complete vehicle? These are all factors in the difference in price you are receiving. The current market of 2015 is down %75 of what it once was. Check around though you'll find we're still paying more than our competitors.

Where to sign a title when junking a car
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